At ACT Wealth Management, we believe in making your hard-earned income work effectively for you, even after you’ve stopped working. As part of our commitment, we prioritize the crucial role of rebalancing in portfolio management in our financial planning process.

The Importance of Rebalancing in Portfolio Management

Rebalancing in portfolio management is an essential strategy to ensure your investment portfolio aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. Adjusting the distribution of your assets as needed brings your portfolio back in line with your preferred asset allocation, thereby potentially reducing risk and ensuring you stay on course toward your retirement goals.

When to Rebalance a Portfolio?

Considering when to rebalance a portfolio is significant and should not be taken lightly. At ACT Wealth Management, our standard practice involves assessing portfolios every quarter. However, the exact frequency can depend on the market’s volatility and the specific characteristics of your portfolio.

Customized Approach to Rebalancing

Understanding that each retirement journey is unique, our team approaches rebalancing with a highly personalized touch. If a portfolio is performing well within the parameters of your financial objectives, we may not suggest changes. However, for highly volatile portfolios, more frequent rebalancing may be necessary. We carefully consider decisions alongside your financial goals and comfort level with risk.

Rebalancing Benefits

Rebalancing in portfolio management can bring multiple benefits. It allows you to capitalize on market conditions, keeps your retirement plan on track, and helps reduce exposure to unnecessary risk. It’s about striking the right balance between risk and reward – a concept familiar to every seasoned pilot.

Experienced Team at Your Service

At ACT Wealth Management, our experienced team of financial advisors and portfolio managers is well-versed in the art of portfolio rebalancing. Our account managers have dealt with every situation and can help you navigate your finances. We use our expertise to guide you through financial turbulence and maintain a smooth flight toward retirement.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Trust is a necessity in financial services. We aim to foster a relationship of trust and transparency with each of our clients. This commitment extends to our approach to rebalancing. We communicate with you regularly, ensuring you are informed about and comfortable with any changes to your portfolio.

Rebalancing your retirement portfolio is an essential and ongoing process that helps ensure your investments align with your objectives, risk tolerance, and market realities.

As a commercial airline pilot, you train to make slight adjustments that keep your aircraft on course. Similarly, rebalancing your investment portfolio is all about making adjustments to stay on track toward your retirement goals.



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