The Importance of Fact-Finding in Your Journey to Retirement

At ACT Wealth Management, the key to successful retirement planning lies in the details. As specialists in retirement planning for commercial airline pilots, we understand that each person’s journey to retirement is unique. That’s why we tailor our fact-finding process to you.


From the onset, our advisors work diligently to get to know you. We listen intently during the discovery meeting, seeking to understand your retirement timeline, goals, and lifestyle you envision. This attention to detail provides insights and actionable items tailored specifically to you. We also provide transparency in our discussions, outlining our fee and the various options available depending on your situation.

Moreover, we believe there is value in continuous engagement with our clients. After our initial fact-finding, we maintain ongoing communication to fine-tune our services and respond to your evolving needs. This includes our commitment to annual face-to-face meetings no matter where you live. This meeting allows us to reinforce our relationship, discuss your concerns, and adjust strategies if needed.

Our fact-finding stage is not just a stage; it’s the cornerstone of our customer service and the first step in creating a financial goal plan as unique as you. We gather comprehensive data through proprietary questionnaires and in-depth interviews with prospective clients. But more than that, fact-finding for us means building trust, honesty, and transparency.

Our discovery meeting is an introductory session where our financial advisors get to know you. We learn about your timeline, goals, and expectations for retirement. Based on these discussions, we bring together actionable items tailored to your needs. We consider your age, the length of your flying career, retirement aspirations, and more to provide a clear picture of your options.


At ACT Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach. We know that everyone’s needs and plans are different. Thus, we design a financial goal plan to match your unique life and experiences.

You might have questions about how to start planning for retirement, or what a retirement plan should cover. You might be worrying about the fees associated with an investment advisor. Running out of money? Outlasting inflation? Market Volatility? Our fact-finding process helps to ease your concerns. Our goal is to empower you, helping you feel confident as you move forward with your retirement planning goals.

Additionally, we provide educational resources to help answer your questions and dispel any uncertainties you might have about the retirement planning process. We equip you with the information necessary to make confident decisions about your future.


In a world that’s often rushing, we take the time to understand our clients and their unique circumstances. Our fact-finding process illustrates our dedication to providing you with a retirement plan that truly fits your needs. We strive to be more than just a financial advisor; we aim to be your partner in navigating the exciting journey to retirement.



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